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Feudal contains several events which act exactly the same as Bukkit events. These events are made to be used by developers using Feudal as an API.

Feudal Events:

  • ClaimLandEvent - Called when a player claims land with /f claim.
  • UnclaimLandEvent - Called when a player unclaims land with /f unclaim or taxes cause the kingdom to lose land.
  • JoinKingdomEvent - Called when a player joins a kingdom.
  • LeaveKingdomEvent - Called when a player leaves a kingdom.
  • KingdomCreateEvent - Called when a kingdom is created.
  • KingdomDeleteEvent - Called when a kingdom is deleted.
  • ReputationChangeEvent - Called when a player's reputation is changed.
  • UserCreateEvent - Called when a player finishes setting up their character.
  • UserLevelUpAttributeEvent - Called when a player's attribute levels up.
  • UserLevelUpProfessionEvent - Called when a player's profession levels up.
  • XPGainEvent - Called when a player gains Feudal xp for professions and attributes.

More information about Feudal events can be found in the Feudal javadocs.