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Feudal has some tags for Essential Chat, BChat and other plugins that supports PlaceholderAPI which allow players to have their rank, kingdom and profession next to their name.

Essentials Chat

Essential chat tags:

{PROFESSION} = The player's profession
{KINGDOM} = The player's kingdom
{RANK} = Player's kingdom rank. Has color code for it already
{RANKSPACER} = A space IF the player is in a kingdom

Note: All PlaceholderAPI placeholders used with essentials chat must be lower case.




Link to BChat on Spigot

Example Configuration:

format: "{RANK}{RANKSPACER}&a{PROFESSION}{RANKSPACER}&c&l&o{KINGDOM}&r&6{RANKSPACER}%player%&7: &r%message%"

File:Https:// Example.jpg