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Welcome to Feudal help guide.

Before contacting Feudal staff please try to trouble shoot any problems using this guide first.


Server setup:

  • Are you running a spigot or bukkit server?
  • Is feudal in your plugins folder? Your plugins folder is on your server named "plugins". Feudal.jar should be placed in that folder.
  • Have you started or reloaded your server after placing Feudal into your plugins folder?
  • In your plugin's folder, is there a folder named "Feudal"
  • Are there any console errors with the name Feudal before or within the error?

Bugs, Glitches, or Errors

  • If you find any, bugs, glitches, or errors, follow these instructions.

Configuring help

  • Do not change the data configs unless you server is off.
  • Do not delete/add/change fields (Config example: "field: value")
  • If a number is meant to be an integer, do not add a decimal. If the number is a percentage, it can likely use a decimal.
  • You can remove decimals for numbers which already have them.
  • Do not put letters or other characters where numbers are suppose to go.
  • When using letters or words, some characters will cause the entire config value to need to be enclosed like: field: '§cvalue'
  • If you want to write the word 'don't' in a config, write it like this: 'Dont'
  • Do NOT include any tabs. Use only spaces.
  • If you want to remove a list of strings make it look like this: "list: []"
  • Make sure your config syntax is correct by pasting it here
  • If you absolutely can not figure out how to fix your config by even using the configuration section, then you can contact us.

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