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Kingdoms are a group of players and any territory owned/protected by those players. In order to build up a Kingdom it will be necessary to invite other players to the Kingdom by doing "/f invite [Player]". If you are the receiver of an invitation to join simply do "/f join <Kingdom>".

NOTE Nobility is at a distinct advantage when it comes to leading a Kingdom as they will by default be able to claim more land. 

To claim land simply type "/f claim". By configuration default Kingdom land is not destructible by other players. To balance part of the world being protected and inaccessible to other players a kingdom must pay a tax on each chunk of land that they own.


Tax is taken from a kingdom's treasury which is contributed to by the players of the kingdom "/f treasury add amount". If a Kingdom fails to pay taxes, random chunks of Kingdom land will be taken to compensate for the taxes. If a Kingdom has more land than it can pay for, it may be wise to unclaim some land by doing "/f unclaim {radius/all}". It is also possible to win extra money for your Kingdom's treasury by winning challenges against other Kingdoms (which gives you a percent of their treasury).

Challenges are not just a way to earn extra tax money though. Challenges are the core mechanic of Feudal, winning or losing a challenge can determine the fate of a Kingdom. A challenge is essentially a battle between two Kingdoms over claimed land.

Issuing a challenge

To issue a challenge a kingdom must /f enemy <Kingdom> and place a banner within 1 block of another Kingdom's claimed land. To set a custom made banner as your Kingdom's banner do "/f banner". To make a randomly designed banner your Kingdom's banner do "/f setbanner {Random}". Once the challenge is issued the defender begins to lose money (default config) $15 per hour + $50 up front. Hour 1 defender lose $75, hour 2 you lose $80. So by hour 2 the defender has lost $135 from their treasury(the summation formula can be used here). The defender's lost money does not go to the attackers it is simply lost to the server. If the defender's treasury reaches 0 before they accept the challenge, the attackers win by default. If the attacker wins a challenge they are given a percent of the defender's treasury, additional reputation, the defender's land, and the defender's inventories.

Answering a challenge

To answer a challenge as the defender type "/f challenge accept <Kingdom>". When the challenge is accepted both attacker and defenders will receive a message notifying them of the challenge. Once a challenge has been accepted by the defender, the defenders stop losing money from their treasury. By default if both sides have 15% of their total members online the challenge will begin. A Kingdom's fighters are the exception to this rule and if any fighters are online the challenge will begin regardless. Fighters are of the Guard, Assassin, or Noble profession(s). The Kingdom leader also always counts as a fighter. If the defender wins the challenge they are given the attacker's Kingdom base coordinates, reputation, and attacker's inventories.

NOTE If neither the attack or the defender answer the challenge within 7 days. Then the attackers must be online 70% more than the defenders to win the challenge.

Challenge begins

When a challenge begins both sides will be prompted to teleport to the battlefield by typing "/f challenge tp <Kingdom>". A scoreboard will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen that shows crucial information to the current challenge: How many lives each Kingdom has remaining, what Kingdom your fighting against, and how long a Kingdom has to get back to the battlefield if they leave the area. To win a challenge one side must eliminate all of the Kingdom's lives.

Kingdom Shields

A regular kingdom shield lasts for a designated amount of time in weeks and prevents any challenges from happening on your land. To purchase type "/f shield {1/2/3}". A vacation shield works the exact same as a kingdom shield except that it prevents ANY player from accessing the land for a set amount of time. If an entire Kingdom is leaving for a period of time this shield is probably best.


"/f ally" will ally you with another Kingdom and prevents you from damaging members of this Kingdom. "/f neutral" will make you indifferent another Kingdom. "/f enemy" will allow you to challenge another Kingdom.

Challenge Diagram