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Feudal Bukkit/Spigot Plugin (VERSION: 1.13.1)
Feudal is a plugin designed for Spigot and Bukkit Minecraft servers. Feudal works on minecraft version 1.7 - 1.12. It prevents griefing the offline player, and encourages raiding the online player. Prepare to get Medieval.

Do you need help with Feudal: Feudal Help

Short Tutorial Video

Profession determines both social class (how much land a person can claim) and they way in which they will level up their attributes. Sheperds herd sheep, scribes write books, and kings collect taxes.

There are 5 attributes that a player will choose after they choose a profession these are: Strength, Toughness, Speed, Stamina, and Luck. A player with a higher social class starts with less attribute points.

Feudal is fitted with a high-caliber market. The market is an inventory GUI which players can click on items to cycle through the market and buy items. The market is designed for very easy use, and it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. The market is made up of items sold to the market, and any player can sell items to the market. All default prices are setup to avoid any chance of a money dupe. This market is key to making the server's economy function with different profession-using players.

Players can group together and form what is called a kingdom. A kingdom can claim land and have it protected. Owning land costs a small hourly tax on the kingdom's treasury. Professions like the king have special perks for kingdoms which impact the tax and max land amount. Kingdoms have four ranks within it: Leader, Executive, Member, and Guest. Each kingdom has a custom banner to represent them. Kingdom land can be destroyed or taken with Challenges.

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