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About the Market

The Feudal market is a server wide market. It is used within an inventory GUI, so it is easier to use. To sell items type "/f sell [price]". This will sell all the items in your main hand. If you are a merchant you can buy items for their sold price and sell for a custom set price. To open the market type "/f market". The market is made up of items sold by players, so there isn't the ability to buy infinitely.

Server Owner Information

The market has auto detection signals for the market config setup. It will send information to console if there is an issue. If the buy price for an item is less than the sell price then it will give you an error saying money can be duped. If there is a way to craft an item from other items to make more money (Example: obsidian to make enderchest), then it will warn the console. However, this is no always bad. It depends on how you want your minecraft economy ran.

Market Config

The market config is where you will setup the categories and buy and sell prices for items. The categories section is where you will list the category titles with all the items which fall under that category. The next section is titled "categoriesInventory". This will hold sections with the titles of all the categories.


After the category setup is the prices. The prices have sub-sections called "buy" and "sell". Under those sections will be a section with the item name. This name is the spigot item name in full caps. View the list of the items here. Under the item name will be a configuration setting or multiple settings. First is the "price". This will be a number and it can include a decimal. After the price is a number. The number will look like "'1': 500.0" (excluding quotes). This number represents the items durability/data value. For 1.9 users, any items which includes potions do not use item durability numbers anymore. For potion sections you can use custom names to represent the potion. These will already be setup in the config by default, but their settings can be changed like any other value can.
Next you can configure the enchantment prices. This is similar to 1.9 potion setup and it will be in the config by default.
Finally, you can configure six market settings.
"canSellDamagedItems: false" - lets players sell tools which have been damaged
"priceToolsOnDurability: true" - this will change the price of items in proportion to their durability/damage.
"NonProfessionSellMultiplier: 0.7" - If you sell an item which is a profession item and it is no your profession, then the sell price will be multiplied by this number.
"merchantsCanBuyForSellPrice: true" - This will allow merchants to buy for the sell price. (Strongly encouraged to keep as true)
"dumpMarketItems: 5000" - This is how many DIFFERENT items the market can hold. After this number is passed then they will be dumped from the permanent memory thus effecting ram memory when using the market.
"minDurability: 10" - This is used to make it so players can't sell tools which have only one use left.

Default Categories

The Global Market is split into 10 different Categories, each with different types of items listed

Food Stuff

Anything that can be eaten by the player, like Meat, Fish, Bread, or Cake (the cake is a lie), to (usually) restore hunger.


Tools that are used to gather resources. Axes, Pickaxes, Shovels, and Hoes and more can be found here.


Used in either PvP (Player Versus Player) or PVE (Player Versus Environment) to both protect yourself and hurt anything,or anyone, that may harm you.


Potions, Ingredients, and utilities related to brewing (I.E. Brewing stand or Cauldron) can be found here.


Nearly everything used to craft anything in the game can be found here.

Building Blocks

Any breakable block that can be placed down and used in construction is found here.

Decoration Blocks

Utility blocks like Enchantment Tables, Anvils, Mob heads, Banners, Crafting Tables, etc. can be found here.


Mostly contains various redstone items used for redstone circuits, but also TNT id you want to blow stuff up.


Minecarts, Rails, Boats, and Saddles are here.


Items that have more than one use are found here, like slimeballs, Ender Pearls, Eyes of ender, Various filled buckets, and Enchanted books are found here.