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Main Permissions

feudal.* - Access to all feudal permissions
feudal.admin - Access to admin permissions (excludes admin commands, but includes player commands)
feudal.commands.admin - Access to all admin commands
feudal.commands - Access to all commands (admin and user)
feudal.commands.user - Access to all user commands
feudal.commands.user.general - Access to all general user commands
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms - Access to all kingdom user commands - Access to interact with the global market
feudal.commands.special.shield - Access to all shield commands

Admin Permissions

feudal.admin.passProtection - Pass shield and land protection.
feudal.admin.passAttributeFix - If attributes bypass the limit then you can maintain those levels.

Admin Command's Permissions

feudal.commands.admin.kingdoms.join - Join a kingdom without an invite
feudal.commands.admin.kingdoms.leader - Ability to make self leader - Able to rename kingdom - Can sell like a merchant
feudal.commands.admin.character.changeprofession - Change another player's profession
feudal.commands.admin.character.setprofessionlevel - Change player's profession levels
feudal.commands.admin.character.setspeed - Set player's speed level
feudal.commands.admin.character.setstrength - Set player's strength level
feudal.commands.admin.character.settoughness - Set player's toughness level
feudal.commands.admin.character.setstamina - Set player's stamina level
feudal.commands.admin.character.setluck - Set player's luck level
feudal.commands.admin.character.resetcharacter - Reset a player's character
feudal.commands.admin.kingdoms.forcewin - Can force a kingdom to win a challenge
feudal.commands.admin.character.setReputation - Set a player's reputation
feudal.commands.admin.challenge - Able to type /f challenge to see all active challenges
feudal.commands.admin.kingdomchat - Can view all kingdom chats
feudal.commands.admin.reload - Can reload the configs
feudal.commands.admin.kingdomlog - View what kingdoms a player has been in
feudal.commands.admin.unenchant - Usable by scribes too - remove enchantments from an item and give them in the form of enchantment books

General User Commands - Access to /help
feudal.commands.user.general.tutorial - Access to /tutorial
feudal.commands.user.general.spar - Spar other players including their kingdom members

Kingdom User Commands

feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.create - Create kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.join - Join kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.invite - Invite kingdom members
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.setopen - Toggle kingdom open
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.delete - Delete kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.leader - /f leader
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.leave - Leave kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.enemy - Enemy a kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.neutral - Neutral a kingdom - Ally a kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.kick - Kick a kingdom member
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.claim - Claim land
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.unclaim - Unclaim land
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.sethome - Set kingdom home
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.view - /f view - /f info <kingdom>
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.treasury - Add, remove, and view your kingdom's treasury
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.description - Change kingdom description
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.baninfo - Look up a kingdom's challenge ban
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.banner - /f banner
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.setbanner - /f setbanner - Rename kingdom
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.challange - Challenge commands - Check when a kingdom is usually online
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.list - List all the kingdoms
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.promote - Promote a kingdom member
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.demote - Demote a kingdom member
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.home - Teleport to the kingdom home - Access to the kingdom chat
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.fighter - Access to fighter command
feudal.commands.user.kingdoms.placechallenge - Can place a challenge

Character User Commands

feudal.commands.user.character.character - Check a player's details
feudal.commands.user.character.speed - Check a player's speed
feudal.commands.user.character.strength - Check a player's strength
feudal.commands.user.character.toughness - Check a player's toughness
feudal.commands.user.character.stamina - Check a player's stamina
feudal.commands.user.character.luck - Check a player's luck - Check a player's average online time
feudal.commands.user.character.profession - View a player's profession information
feudal.commands.user.character.changeprofession - Change your profession

Shield Commands

feudal.commands.special.shield.vacation - Can use a vacation shield
feudal.commands.special.shield.1 - Can use a one week shield
feudal.commands.special.shield.2 - Can use a two week shield
feudal.commands.special.shield.3 - Can use a three week shield

Other Permissions - Access to /f sell
feudal.commands.user.redistributeAttributes - Access to /f attributes (NOT BY DEFAULT)