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When setting up your character you get to choose a social class and a profession. Throughout your journey you can level up and change your profession. Unlike actual medieval times, you can rise through the ranks. Each profession will level up certain attributes. Some professions can sell items related to their job for a higher price on the market. Once a profession is mastered (Max level is reached) you can change your profession with no repercussions. Do /f changeprofession to change your profession. If you change your profession before mastering your current profession, higher professions will remain locked, you will lose reputation, and progress for your current profession will be lost.


The peasant social class begins with the highest amount of attribute points, but has the fewest land claims.


The commoner social class begins with an average amount of attribute points, and an average amount of land claims.


The noble social class begins with the lowest attribute points, but the highest amount of land claims.